Shake it off! DietBet

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shake it off!(1)Hi all! I am VERY excited to announce I am hosting my VERY FIRST DietBet! It kicks off on August 3rd! In keeping with my Zumba® filled life I thought it only appropriate to dub it the “Shake it off!” Dietbet because who doesn’t want to spend the next 28 days shakin’ a tail feather for a little extra dough?

I’ve been coasting (quite happily) lately but have recently come to the conclusion that a good old fashioned challenge is just what I need to get me “back on track”. I’ve participated in a couple DietBets in the past and found them fun, challenging and SUPER motivating. Nothing like being paid to lose weight?! Am I right?!

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept it’s pretty simple.

  1. You join a game (I suggest mine!)
  2. You weigh in (trust me it’s SUPER easy!)
  3. You have 28 days to lose 4% of your body weight (it’s totally doable! I’ve won more than once!)
  4. You weigh out and cash in!

It’s a great way to meet a few new people, feed off others positive energy and of course challenge yourself…and maybe have a little healthy competition with your friends, family, co-workers or better yet with your students! I’d LOVE to have my fellow ZINs (there’s more power when we join together!), your students or anyone who needs/wants a little push in the right direction.

Feel free to share the link around your Facebook pages, send off a Tweet or just have a good old fashioned conversation with someone and invite them on over for 28 days of focused booty shakin’ fun!

Have you done a DietBet before? What did you love about it? Are you hesitant to give this one a try? Tell me why and I can calm your fears!

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2 thoughts on “Shake it off! DietBet

    • Yipee! So excited you joined in the fun 🙂 I haven’t done one in a while but could use the motivation at the moment. August is gonna be intense, but I’m mentally preparing now!

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