Zumba Instructor Audition Tips to Help You GET THAT JOB!

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dance onSo most of us have been there. You find job listing or a friend hooks you up with a lead and before you know it you are being asked to audition to teach at that gym or studio (yay!…and also gasp.). Here are my top tips to nail the audish (name that movie!) and add that class to your teaching schedule.

Find out exactly what the person you are auditioning for wants to see. Is it a full class? A couple songs? Will it be a guest spot in an existing class? Be sure to ask that way you know how to prepare.

What to songs pick? Go for your favorite songs, the ones you know forward and back. The ones that get stuck in your head. The ones you could practically do in your sleep. No need to throw in the latest jam, stick to what you know. Think through your choreo, how have students reacted to it in the past? Did they smile? Did they have fun? Was it easy to catch on? These are the songs you want on the list. 

Get your introduction speech ready. If you’ve taken Pro Skills you learned a little bit about the speech. Remember to introduce yourself. Tell them something personal about yourself if you want (this is a great way to help them remember you and make a connection). Tell them what Zumba® is, throw in some cheats so they know what your cues mean and give them a little “you can do this” to get them excited.

Zumba_2I’m a firm believer in dressing for success so put on your Zumba® power gear. We all have that shirt or pair of pants that are perfect. Pick something that makes you feel comfortable, something you won’t be tugging at or pulling up as you teach.

On the day of your audition be sure to listen to your playlist, especially the songs that you feel might mess you up. I try to listen to a few on the way to my way class to get my brain in Zumba® mode.

All of these tips will get you ready for the big day, but I have to stress that the MOST important thing you can do is go in there and be yourself. Teach your style class with your favorite songs. Smile, laugh, have fun and let your personality shine through.

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