#ZINCON2016! How to Get There!

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tumblr_nskq2aAw8f1tbfs8ho1_1280#ZINCON2015…we are in the thick of it people! By now I’m sure your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds have become inundated with videos, pictures and glee from the lucky ZIN’s who are livin’ it up Zumba style in Orlando. It’s exciting and invigorating…and to be honest makes me a little jealous. (Am I alone in this?)

So let’s get planning for next year people! We can make this happen if we just commit RIGHT NOW to making it happen.

Here’s a rough breakdown of how much it will cost you to attend convention and stay in a room by yourself:

  • Super Saver Convention Ticket (you gotta buy this early to get the savings!):    $395
  • Hotel (this of course will depend on your planning):                                         $340-420
  • Food (according to the US Per Diem Rate of $56/day):                                    $200
  • Total (not including flights):                                                                       ~$1015

Quite frankly it’s not nearly as bad as I was imagining. BUT let’s be real, it’s still a big chunk of change. SO….how can we soften the blow?

First thing’s first. You GOTTA find yourself a roomie. This is the easiest way to offset the costs in my opinion. You can go for one roommate or get even crazier and get four of you in a room (say goodbye to your comfort levels!). Throwing a roommate in the mix can save you between $200 and $300! Plus you have a couple build-in friends for the week to run around with!

Now the food situation! I’ve heard many horror stories about how expensive the food is at convention. Not to mention the crazy lines you have to wait in to actually get some. So plan ahead. Pack some oatmeal packs to make in your room before the day starts. Bring plenty of snacks and protein bars to keep you going and once you get there do your very best to locate a grocery store to stock up on fresh fruits and any other supplies to get you through the week.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 7.50.15 AM

Image from @thiszlife

Those strategies combined with planning ahead and buying the “Super Saver” ticket are gonna bring that total down several hundred dollars. If you started saving $100 a month starting now you would be well ahead of the curve! By the time the tickets for 2016 became available you would be ready to jump on that cheap ticket price and you could even buy your airfare at the same time!

We can do this! #ZINCON2016 is not far away and next year you want to be one of those crazy Zumba people cluttering everyone else’s newsfeeds! Start saving now and you will get there!

4 thoughts on “#ZINCON2016! How to Get There!

    • I know! $100 a month! We can do it! You could even get away with $80 if you were planning on having a roommate.

  1. I’m at convention! What sessions do you have today (Saturday)? I have Specialty Success, Hip Hop & Queen of Pop today.

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