Exiting Gracefully: How to Move on from Your Zumba Class

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…well not ALL the things…just this one.

I’ve recently made the decision to stop teaching my only regular Zumba® class. It took several months of hemming and hawing, but this week I broke it to my boss. It’s not that I don’t love my students or Zumba®, it’s just that right now my schedule and the location of the class just isn’t working for me. If something closer to me comes up I will hop right back in there, but for now I’m kind of in limbo.

It took me a while to make my decision. I felt like I would be letting down my students and the gym owner. Nobody likes change and my decision is going to affect more people than myself. So with that in mind I thought I’d list a couple things that you (and I) can do to make the exit as seamless and easy as possible for all the parties involved.

  • Let your boss know ahead of time that you need to leave (at least 2 weeks in advance…a month if you can).
  • Have instructor replacement recommendations. This could soften the blow and will make it easier on your boss and your class. Think about instructors who have subbed for you in the past or maybe you know a new ZIN who is looking for an opportunity. Share the love!
  • Announce your departure to your students. Keep them in the loop.
  • If you find your replacement before your leave date see if they want to come and do a couple songs during your last few classes. This eases the transition and I think it’s always kinda fun to team teach!
  • Get your final playlist ready. Ask your students if they have any requests and maybe even have a good farewell song thrown in for fun.
  • The day of your last class put out a FB post reminding people this is your last class. Make sure they know how much you want to see them.
  • Bring business cards to your last class and if you teach at other gyms be sure to let them know where they can find you.
  • And finally be sure your last class is amazingly awesome with tons of energy, smiles, laughter and fun.

Leaving is never easy, and for me the decision to go was hard. Hopefully by using these ideas the transition will be smooth for my boss and my students.

Have you had to decide to leave a class? Any tips for the rest of us to make things easier on everyone? I’d love to know! Comment below.

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