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Beto ZINCON2017

Beto will be there…will you? #zincon2017

Well, I wrote last week about “accidental dieting”, a concept that came to my attention thanks to Liz Wolfe of Real Food Liz. If you haven’t checked her site out you should! Good stuff over there. Remember last week when we all promised to cut ourselves some slack? I reread last weeks post and was happy I did…if you’re struggling, maybe you should too.

Anyway, on to my next topic. #ZINCON2016 just wrapped and if you are anything like me your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (ok, I don’t check Twitter, but I assume it was the same story over there) were blowing up with pictures, videos and awesome posts from the lucky attendees. If all that in your face social media inspired you to want to attend #ZINCON2017 then read my post from last year around this time to help you get prepared to dance your booty off next year.

SPCA adopt a cat

Look at Snoozie Suzie! So snuggly!

Now that I’ve done my logrolling, let me move on to my own little secret. Don’t worry, no babies are involved. But I would really like this kitty from my local SPCA..her name is Susan…I will call her Snoozie Suzie (yes this is me shamelessly inserting an adorable cat picture…you’re welcome).

Sorry, can you tell I’m stalling? Ok, here it is, I have paused my ZIN membership. I know, all that buildup for such a small thing, but to me it feels kinda big. I spent a year getting in awesome shape, then took the plunge and got Zumba certified and spent a year teaching, learning from my mentors and amazing students. Then a little over a year later I’m hitting the pause button. I spent six months paying for ZIN before I could bring myself to actually do it and now here I am officially paused.

This got me thinking about what the next steps are for someone who is taking a break from teaching Zumba? Should you take a break for a couple months? Jump back into it? To be honest I have no idea, it depends on the person and their situation.  BUT I do have some ideas to keep you involved, potentially make some new friends and possibly re-join the ZIN community fresh faced and ready to shake it.

So what ideas have I got?

  1. Go on a Zumba tour. Visit as many new classes as you can. I recently did this and found that the little spark inside me that gets really excited about Zumba got a bit brighter after my one hour sweat session.
  2. Introduce yourself to another student or the teacher in each new class. All fitness if more fun with friends, so you may as well try to make some new ones on your tour.
  3. Seek out Zumbathons or “masterclasses” in your area. It’s always fun to go to these, everyone is excited to help a cause or learn from a specific teacher or group of teachers.
  4. Go to other group fitness classes. Maybe you (and me) need a little change of pace. Drop into a spin class, yoga or try out a Pound class, it can clear your mind and give you a new challenge.
  5. Take a break from Zumba if you need to. There’s nothing wrong with stepping back from something…you can always jump back in when you’re ready!

Anyone else put their ZIN membership on pause? When I say pause does the Pitbull song jump in your head? You’re welcome :). If you have been through the same situation comment below and let me know what you did during your Zumba hiatus. I’d love to hear about it.


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