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Me and Jillian hang out a LOT these days!

Hi, my name is Kristi. Thanks for visiting! Bet you’re wondering who I am….well I’m a transplanted Texan who has found herself in the Boston area. Quite an extreme climate change, but so far I’ve lived through it. I started this blog to help track my weight loss progress, keep me motivated and maybe even inspire others to do the same. I’m no expert, I’m a regular person just like everyone else….I crave Reece’s peanut butter cups and salty potato chips too. That said, I’m making slow and steady changes in my lifestyle to better my health both physically and emotionally.

Like a lot of people I’ve been on a “diet” for most of my life. I tipped the scales at nearly 300lbs at one point (see pic below) but am happy to say I’ve lost a good 60lbs since those days. I’m not into crazy fad diets or extreme exercise routines, I’m doing this the old fashioned way….eat less move more. I’m in this for a life change, not a quick fix so if can stand my snails pace stop by once in a while to see how I’m doing. And if you are so inclined let me know how you’re doing too!

Have questions or just want someone to talk to? Write me a message on the Becoming Supersonic Facebook page or email me anytime at becomingsupersonic@gmail.com!


Transformation so far! Still truckin'!

Transformation so far! Still truckin’!

Minus 52lbs!

Minus 52lbs!

After losing the first 20lbs!

After losing the first 20lbs!


In 2009, still heavy but haven't gained too much back. That is a HUGE cactus!

In 2009, still heavy but haven’t gained too much back. That is a HUGE cactus!


Me on my 25th birthday at my heaviest. (I think hovering near the 300lb mark)

Me on my 25th birthday at my heaviest. (I think hovering near the 300lb mark)

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    • Hey Valerie! Thanks for checking out my blog! I 100% recommend Body Revolution! It’s a really great program that gives you a fantastic workout in about 30 minutes per day so that’s a pro. I also liked that you progress every two weeks so you don’t get bored with the workouts and are being challenged along the way. As far as cons the only one I can think of is that it can be pretty hard but she does a great job at giving modifications. Don’t be afraid to modify! There were some moves that I just couldn’t do so I would fill that time with a similar move that I could do. Just keep moving! I haven’t done a second round of the three month program yet, but that’s mostly because I let my sister borrow the DVDs. I’m planning round 2 as soon as I get them back! Let me know if you start the program, I’m happy to give any advice or encouragement!

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