I’m a Winner!

Cushy interlocking floor tiles!

Cushy interlocking floor tiles!

Hey guys! Thought I’d give a little update on how my DietBet went! Both my sister and I won!!!!! Yay us! I am now officially 9lbs lighter and $11.28 richer! Let’s be honest, the weight is a little more impressive than the payout, but who cares! I’ll take it! And now for the pièce de résistance….

Two packs of interlocking gym floor tiles later and my living room looks even more like a gym. The upside is now when I walk on my rug (which mostly covers the tiles when I’m not jumping around on them) is nice and squishy….but not too squishy. This round of DietBet seemed to go more smoothly than my first one. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m working out harder, or eating cleaner or because my metabolism has kicked in a little more. I’ll probably never really know and if I’m being totally honest the most likely explanation is that it’s a little of all three, but I’m very happy with my results. So happy that today my sister and I signed up for Round 2! Will have to think about where I’ll spend my winnings this time…..workout clothes?….shoes?…..I’ll have to take the next 28 days to figure that out. Feeling like you need a little extra push to get your weight loss program going? Join in! 

Wanna Bet?

I’m smiling and I’m on a scale….who knew that could happen?!

Remember this picture? Yep, I’m on a scale…..AND I’m smiling. Well, that’s because I had just made my money back in my very first dietbet! I took a couple of months off but on Monday my sister (yipee! solidarity!) and I joined Deb & GGs DietBet….I have no idea who Deb or GG are, but that makes no difference to me!

So I know what you’re thinking….what exactly is a dietbet? Basically you put in the required amount of money to join the bet (Deb & GGs was $20) then you have 28 days to lose 4% of your body weight. A bit of a task, but it is doable (see success post!). If you win you get your money back PLUS the money from the other players that didn’t make it to their 4% loss. So my first bet I paid in $20 and since I managed to lose my 4% I got back $36! Not too shabby! I decided to put that money into a shoe fund and now I have some very cute yellow loafers! Win win!

This round I’m thinking the money would go towards some exercise flooring tiles…would be nice to have some extra cushion when I’m jumping around to TurboFire or getting my butt kicked by Jillian. What kinds of things to you do to stay motivated? Anybody else doing a dietbet or wanna give one a try?

Who Inspires You to Live a Healthier Life?

So I’ve been thinking recently about the people in my life that have inspired me to become healthier. The list is actually pretty long, but when I really thought about it three people came to mind; Jillian Michaels (I think we all knew she was on the list), my BFF Jackie and my sister Jill.

jmJillian Michaels really planted the seed of emopwerment I needed to start this journey. Say what you will about her “America’s Toughest Trainer” persona and The Biggest Loser, but that show is inspiring! At the very start of my weight loss I ended many a day by watching an episode of Loser just to remind myself that there are others out there like me and they can and DO make massive changes to their lives. Granted I’m not lucky enough to live in seclusion with three awesome trainers, a team of doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists and I’m sure many others to give me tons of guidance, BUT I do have access to lots of information and knowlegable people to help me along the way. I like that she digs deep into peoples problems and how they have effected their lives and how those issues play into their bad habits. Listening to her conversations with others has allowed me to face several of my food/emotional issues and helped me work through them in my mind in order to make positive changes. Check out her podcast for lots of inspiring advice and funny banter.

20130716-191933.jpgMy second source of inspirtion is my BFF Jackie. She has lost over 70lbs in the last year or so! I know, she’s awesome! She’s entered herself in lots of 5Ks, a half marathon and a couple mini triathlons and just keeps going! Her drive to live a healthy active life has been so inspiring and I’m so proud of her and what she has achieved! There’s nothing like a good before and after picture to get you motivated and Jackie has provided me with that.

jwMy third and most recent source of inspiration is my sister Jill. After recently being told she is pre-diabetic (see her blog for complete details) she has decided to face her problems head on and make some serious changes to kick diabetes to the curb. We traded workout DVDs (she got Body Revolution and I got TurboFire), signed up for a DietBet together and even do a weekend weigh-in to stay on track. It’s nice to have someone to hold you accountable and  send the occasional text asking if I worked out today or even to complain about how doing “fast feet” makes our calves burn.

Who inspires you guys to live a healthier life? Need some inspiration? Check out these blogs, they’re awesome!

Sweating Until Happy – This awesome guy has lost over 100lbs! Now that’s motivation!

BexLife – Lots of healthy living advice, product reviews and yoga workouts!

Brooke Not on a Diet – For all you WW people, Brooke just made lifetime status! See what all your hard work can lead you to!

Project Unfluff – With a title like that who can resist?

It’s a miracle!


See that?! I’m on the scale AND I’m smiling! I can’t believe it! After my video yesterday I thought for sure my money was gone! Then this morning I weighed myself one more time and I was EXACTLY the weight I needed to win! I’m not sure how it happened but I’ll take it! Happy Wednesday to me! And you too!