I’m a Winner!

Cushy interlocking floor tiles!

Cushy interlocking floor tiles!

Hey guys! Thought I’d give a little update on how my DietBet went! Both my sister and I won!!!!! Yay us! I am now officially 9lbs lighter and $11.28 richer! Let’s be honest, the weight is a little more impressive than the payout, but who cares! I’ll take it! And now for the pièce de résistance….

Two packs of interlocking gym floor tiles later and my living room looks even more like a gym. The upside is now when I walk on my rug (which mostly covers the tiles when I’m not jumping around on them) is nice and squishy….but not too squishy. This round of DietBet seemed to go more smoothly than my first one. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m working out harder, or eating cleaner or because my metabolism has kicked in a little more. I’ll probably never really know and if I’m being totally honest the most likely explanation is that it’s a little of all three, but I’m very happy with my results. So happy that today my sister and I signed up for Round 2! Will have to think about where I’ll spend my winnings this time…..workout clothes?….shoes?…..I’ll have to take the next 28 days to figure that out. Feeling like you need a little extra push to get your weight loss program going? Join in! 

Wanna Bet?

I’m smiling and I’m on a scale….who knew that could happen?!

Remember this picture? Yep, I’m on a scale…..AND I’m smiling. Well, that’s because I had just made my money back in my very first dietbet! I took a couple of months off but on Monday my sister (yipee! solidarity!) and I joined Deb & GGs DietBet….I have no idea who Deb or GG are, but that makes no difference to me!

So I know what you’re thinking….what exactly is a dietbet? Basically you put in the required amount of money to join the bet (Deb & GGs was $20) then you have 28 days to lose 4% of your body weight. A bit of a task, but it is doable (see success post!). If you win you get your money back PLUS the money from the other players that didn’t make it to their 4% loss. So my first bet I paid in $20 and since I managed to lose my 4% I got back $36! Not too shabby! I decided to put that money into a shoe fund and now I have some very cute yellow loafers! Win win!

This round I’m thinking the money would go towards some exercise flooring tiles…would be nice to have some extra cushion when I’m jumping around to TurboFire or getting my butt kicked by Jillian. What kinds of things to you do to stay motivated? Anybody else doing a dietbet or wanna give one a try?

It’s a miracle!


See that?! I’m on the scale AND I’m smiling! I can’t believe it! After my video yesterday I thought for sure my money was gone! Then this morning I weighed myself one more time and I was EXACTLY the weight I needed to win! I’m not sure how it happened but I’ll take it! Happy Wednesday to me! And you too!

Saturday Morning Weigh-in

Don’t make me do the Truffle Shuffle!

Ok, so maybe weighing myself on Saturday morning isn’t the best idea. Not that I went crazy on Friday night or anything, it’s just that it can make or break your weekend. In the case of this weekend, the weigh-in created a tiny crack that grew into a deep and cavernous ravine in my weekend. I felt like I was really on target last week, eating right (ok with the occasional treat, but on the whole good clean eating). I did Body Revolution Monday-Saturday and got through the workouts good calorie burns. THEN this morning I got on the scale and I’m up 2 pounds! Now, I really want to blame this on Mother Nature bringing her monthly gift to me first thing this morning, and it seems most likely that that plays a definitive role in my gain, but still. Not a good start to the weekend. The silver lining I’m clinging to is that those two pounds are lean mean calorie torching muscle.

That said I got up, ate a balanced breakfast and headed to the gym where I burned off about 500 calories. So the plan for the week is to follow my JillianMichaels.com eating plan to the letter (I’ve been picking and choosing thus far so I suppose trying complete obedience is worth a try). Not that I haven’t been diligently logging my calories, I’ve just not been using all her recipes because as someone who lives alone, that creates a LOT of leftovers and means purchasing a huge quantity of food. But I managed to do some swapping out to decrease the grocery bill and will throw some of the leftovers in the freezer for later. So here’s hoping that I can come back from this weeks misstep, it’s a do or die moment because my DietBet ends in 10 days! It’s my first one so I would really love to win it! I’m going to try to post some of the best recipes as the week goes AND on Wednesday I’m going to Jillian’s live show, Maximize Your Life so come back for my review! Gonna be a good week people! Hope yours is too!